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Am I drinking too much?

Here are the signs, and what to do - if you do.(12 questions)

Where does one draw the line? Is there a line? (And no, we are not talking about the ones that go up your nose!) There is nothing wrong with having a glass of chardonnay every other night with your evening meal, but do you tend to go for a second, or even a third and then finish the whole bottle? What are the consequences when you do just that? Will your family and friends ever comment about your drinking? Do you ever wake up and think: “I can’t remember what I did that night”?

Alcoholism comes in a variety of shapes and forms, and is not about what you drink and how much, but rather what happened to you when you drank. Some alcoholics are ‘day drinkers’ and others are bingers, while others just need to get rid of the shakes. And if you fall into any of these categories, chances are you will end up as the ones who just need a ‘regmakerkie’ in the morning to start the day.

Here are 12 questions outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous, to help clear the air in your own mind, as to whether this is something to address or not. If you answer yes to four or more of these questions, I suggest you keep on reading.

1. Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?

2. Do you wish people would mind their own business about your drinking-- stop telling you what to do?

3. Have you ever switched from one kind of drink to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting drunk?

4. Have you had to have an eye-opener upon awakening during the past year?

5. Do you envy people who can drink without getting into trouble?

6. Have you had problems connected with drinking during the past year?

7. Has your drinking caused trouble at home?

8. Do you ever try to get "extra" drinks at a party because you do not get enough?

9. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don't mean to?

10. Have you missed days of work or school because of drinking?

11. Do you have "blackouts"?

12. Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not drink?

How many of these questions did you agree with? If you answered yes to more than four, then chances are that you have a problem with alcohol. Or rather, alcohol has a problem with you. If you think about it, alcohol is a dead liquid in a bottle - harmless. The problem comes in when we consume it, and too much of it.

You are not alone though, you are part of so many other South Africans who just don’t know that they have a problem. Imagine how life would be if you did not have to tick yes to any of these questions. Would it be better?

Here is what to do:

1. Don’t panic. You are not alone, and this is surely not the end of the world.

2. To thine own self be true. Start being honest with yourself, this is a matter of life and death. One out of every 10 deaths in South Africa is due to alcohol according

to Business Tech.

3. Talk about it. The more you verbalize what you are thinking, the more clarity you will get on the situation at hand. Besides, you cannot address a problem before admitting what the problem is.

4. Bottom line is, you now know what the problem is. The question is of course, what are you going to do about it? Take action - Now! Before you convince yourself that “maybe it wasn’t that bad.” or that “it is normal to black out, and binge if you live the stressful

life I live”...

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you will be surprised how many highly successful entrepreneurs and celebrities are in recovery.

Read more on successful entrepreneurs here.

6. Call us at Journey Recovery Centre. We know how to help and advise you.

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