Pembroke Halfway House

Back into the swing of things.

Following the successful completion of their inpatient treatment, our patients can look forward to a structured and mindful reintegration into society. Pembroke Halfway House provides the perfect balance of protection and freedom to our clients, allowing them to use the new skills that they have acquired to live a sober and clean life while still receiving the necessary support and care. At this stage of their recovery patients may begin to work and/or study and still remain connected to the comprehensive support system offered by Journey. Halfway house patients are still required to attend therapeutic groups and will still receive their one-on-one therapeutic sessions. This transitional juncture facilitates a patient's continued growth in confidence to take on the world in a new and healthy manner to ensure that they are able to begin an upward trajectory towards accomplishing their life goals. We believe that we make this  delicate reintegration process easier for our clients by the flexibility and understanding offered during their inpatient treatment.