Outpatient Programme

100% Support. Always.

The final stage of our patients' recovery process is Journey's intensive outpatient programme. At this step, clients are not required to stay at any of Journey's premises and may reside at home or elsewhere. The outpatient programme concludes the amazing journey that our clients partake in, allowing them to fully participate in life through work and social commitments while still having access to the safety and support provided by outpatient therapeutic groups and one-on-one sessions. Evening groups are available for our outpatients to ensure that they are able to meet their work obligations. Outpatients are valued members of our therapeutic process as they are often able to share their personal experience during groups and impart valuable knowledge to those that are at an earlier stage of recovery. Having been treated with dignity, respect and compassion from the commencement of their treatment, outpatients are returned to the world at large with a diverse and powerful toolbox that allows them to claim their place as productive and invaluable members of society.