Inpatient Rehabilitation Programme

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Our inpatient rehabilitation programme is designed to break the shackles of addiction through the careful and methodical dismantling of harmful old belief systems through the promotion of self-love, self-acceptance and intensive work on self-esteem. Unlike many other treatment centres, Journey doesn't believe in a punitive approach to the treatment of addiction. We believe that the nourishment and solidification of self-respect and self-esteem cannot possibly coincide with the punishment of a patient. As a result, Journey strives to provide our patients with a loving, empathetic environment of recovery typified by relaxed and flexible rules and boundaries. 

Journey's inpatient programme sees a patient reside full-time at our luxurious and comfortable premises in order to receive around-the-clock care and support. Patients will partake in our daily therapeutic groups, each of which are supervised by one of our qualified and experienced counselors, which are supplemented by weekly one-on-one counseling sessions. Since our approach to the treatment of addiction is multi-dimensional and holistic, our inpatient programme incorporates a wide range of therapeutic activities such as art therapy, drama therapy, yoga and Krav Maga. All the while, our patients will have access to perks such as Netflix, Showmax, DSTV, music-streaming services, a pool and gym equipment provided by Journey. In alignment with our emphasis on humane and reasonable rules, patients can look forward to controlled and monitored access to their devices within boundaries agreed upon by our counseling team.