Pembroke House

Journey's Halfway House

As a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, Journey provides addiction treatment services to inpatients and outpatients.


At Pembroke House, our addiction treatment programme is now extended to residential treatment in a halfway house environment.

In addition to the facilities offered at Pembroke House, residents have access to the facilities and services of Journey's Rehabilitation Centre in Atholl, Sandton.

These include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programme.

  • Individual Addiction Counselling.

  • Group Therapy.

  • Medically Assisted Detoxification Facilities.

  • Relapse Prevention Services.

The benefits for halfway house residents of being associated with a treatment facility are numerous and our treatment team is actively involved in the recovery of Pembroke House residents on a continuous basis.

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Living in Pembroke House

We’re Here for You

Our halfway house provides a supportive environment and a similar sense of routine that provides the platform as one returns to an independent, productive life of sobriety.

Every month that a client chooses to live in a halfway house improves their chance of remaining clean by 10%.

Early recovery provides a variety of problems and challenges. Halfway houses help residents feel less isolated and overwhelmed when they are living with a group of people who are all striving to start life anew. The camaraderie developed amongst residents as they pursue the common goal of sobriety can build friendships and support that can last for life.

While most people who have completed primary treatment feel sincerely motivated, and promise to follow all suggestions, people who do this together as a group, find it easier and far more fun to achieve and maintain.


Uncapped High Speed Fibre Internet

Netflix DSTV and Showmax

Continental Breakfast Daily

Dinner Monday to Thursday

Daily Cleaning and Laundry

Garden and Swimming Pool