Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the treatment offered at Journey?

The length of treatment depends on each individual, the severity of their addiction and the progress that they make. The recommended route of treatment begins with an intensive inpatient programme followed by reintegration into everyday life at the halfway house and then through our outpatient programme. 

Do we follow the 12 step programme?

While the steps 12 are incorporated into treatment at Journey, the general approach is far wider and more holistic.

Can I work and study during my treatment?

Yes, Journey does allow patients to study and/or work during their treatment with the necessary boundaries once discussed with the treatment team. 

What types of addicts does Journey treat?

Patients from all walks of life are accepted at Journey, regardless of their addiction or background. Our team is multicultural and trained to tackle addictive and behavioural disorders across the spectrum.

Is the Journey premises secure?

Journey employs a 24 hour guard as well as a full-time nurse, ensuring our patients are always supervised. We are also registered Beagle Watch and have full electric fencing around the premises.

Can Journey assist me with involuntary treatment and/or an intervention?

Journey works with a social worker and provides family support and assistance if a patient is resistant to treatment. 

Does Journey offer an assessment?

Yes, Journey does offer a pre-admission patient's state and the treatment required. 

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