Family Support & Guidance

Holistic Support

Addiction is a progressive disease that can manifest with severely damaging consequences for the addict and those around them. Focused interaction between clients and their families are also guided and mediated by our experienced counsellors. We believe that the healing process of recovery from addiction can only be completed when the addict addresses and acknowledges the damage that he/she has both endured and caused within their social dynamic. Accountability and honesty are pillars which we at Journey are not willing to compromise on. Recovery from addiction often requires willingness and effort from both the addict and their family. Our experienced team here at Journey also includes family members of addicts and as a result we are able to provide the necessary guidance and support, in a compassionate and effective manner, to the families of our clientele.

 Intervention and pre-treatment counselling services are also available to the families and friends of our clients which assist in helping you help those you love.