Prominence of Addiction

In South Africa, drug-related crimes saw an increase of 123% between 2003 and 2013 while drinking under the influence saw an increase of 148% in the same period.[1] It is also estimated that 80% of male youth deaths in South Africa are related to alcohol and drug consumption as well as substance use being involved in up to 60% of all crimes committed.[2] Outside of social harm, alcohol alone is thought to cost South Africa up to R37.9 Billion annually through reduced productivity, welfare and health costs, work absenteeism and crimes related to alcohol as per the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ).[3] Furthermore, the SAMJ approximates that as many as 1 in 5 adult South Africans grapple with substance abuse. [4] Alcohol directly contributed to 57.5% of road traffic deaths in South Africa in 2013.[5]

Globally, 164 million people had a substance abuse disorder as of 2016 with substance abuse disorders increasing the risk of suicide by a factor of 10.[6]