Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Evaluation

"Confidential and Comprehensive"

We at Journey believe that addiction is a multi-faceted disease and isn't purely a medical problem. The biopsychosocial model of addiction arose in response to the previously-held view that addiction was primarily a biomedical issue. While most treatment centres have now adopted the biopsychosocial approach to addiction, at Journey we believe in an even broader and more comprehensive methodology. Our treatment model, and subsequently our initial assessment of a given patient, is predicated on a Bio-Pscyho-Social-Spiritual framework. We firmly believe that the root cause of addiction is unresolved pain and trauma, both of which can manifest across numerous dimensions of one's life. Whether these problems are manifested in genetics (Bio), the inability to regulate emotions (Psycho), difficulty in resolving interpersonal conflict (Social) or an uncertainty in one's moral and value system, our team at Journey will ensure that we tailor-make a treatment plan that works for you or your loved one and tackles their individual needs head on.