Our Vision

Our multi-disciplinary programme addresses your unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Our vision is to provide clients with the best treatment and care in an optimal environment to help them achieve long-lasting recovery.

Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre has opted to approach the treatment of addiction in an innovative and ground-breaking fashion. The focus is shifted away from humiliating the clients based on their substance abuse and rather opts to explore the psychology behind their trauma and unresolved pain as the fundamental cause behind their addictive behaviour. 

Through our personal therapeutic experiences and study, we can work with our clients and their families towards identifying the addict's triggers and traumas whilst coming to an understanding that addiction only serves to compound pre-existing issues. We aim to show our clients that a change in behaviour along with a firm decision to lead a clean and sober life can be a life-changing commitment, as shown by our own personal experiences and battles with addiction.

Our program is founded upon principles such as compassion, support and understanding. We now know that developing our clients' self-esteem and empowering them with the ability to be the catalyst of change in their own lives serves as the most effective weapon in fighting addiction as this allows them to see the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, sexism, homophobia or any other prejudices, we aim to provide a safe and accepting environment for all.


We do not believe in a program reminiscent of penal reform and as a result, we recognise the harm caused by draconian-like rules to clients and their families alike. Instead, we encourage honesty and accountability as non-negotiable pillars of building and maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle post-addiction. Journey firmly believes that our clients need to acknowledge, take responsibility for and address the suffering that they have endured, and caused, in the safe and controlled environment that we provide.

We are privileged enough to work with several high-profile clients who come from prominent and influential families and as such, we have an increased understanding of the need for uncompromising confidentiality and discretion. All of our clients can expect to benefit from unwavering confidentiality and protection in this regard.

In a world where individuality is becoming increasingly prominent, Journey recognises the need to embrace the idiosyncrasies and differences of our clientele. Seeing that our patients' experiences and backgrounds are unique to the, reject the adoption of a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment and instead tailor our service offering on a case-by-case basis to ensure that each client's needs are optimally met. 

We also allow our clients to controlled use of their digital devices as it is our belief that cutting our clients off from the outside world may be perceived as a punitive measure. Staying connected to the outside world while being equipped with the necessary tools to deal with life's trials and tribulations can serve as a great motivating factor to get back out there.


About our facilities

Comfort & Tranquility

Journey can be found in Atholl, conveniently located near the commercial hubs of Sandton, Rosebank and Melrose Arch.

Spacious surrounds comprising tranquil gardens, a pool and comfortable rooms await our clients as they embark upon their Journey to recovery. Modern conveniences such as WiFi, Netflix, Showmax and music streaming services are also available to our clients so that they can enjoy their downtime outside of treatment. Our professional treatment methodology is founded upon the principles of compassion, support and understanding. We do not judge our clients and believe that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. Confidentiality and discretion are of paramount importance to us and therefore we hold it in the greatest regard ensuring that all our client's feel safe and protected during their treatment.